AA Technology’s contract manufacturing service uses the latest stand- alone and in-line SMT assembly technologies. Our equipment allows us to support proto-type short runs through to large production builds.

Two in line Universal AdVantis platforms accurately place parts at over 45,000 parts per hour for high volume high mix applications.

Solder paste and chambered reflow ovens along with their supportive to meet your assembly requirements from prototypes through to large production builds.

Three autotronik Pick and place machines are ideal for prototype and medium lot sizes.

All surface mount parts are inspected by our Marantz AOI equipment.

Universal Radial and Axial Automatic insertion equipment ensure speedy and accurate placement of through hole parts.

Four soldering techniques allow for maximum flexibility – Pb/Sn Wave – SN100C (Lead Free) Wave - Automated Selective Solder - A soldering iron in the hands of a skilled technician.

We offer both labor only and turn-key options for your electronic assembly needs.